Hélas welcomes the sunny days with open arms through their latest collection, capturing the essence of the sea, sun, and the vibrant spirit of the South of France.

Transporting us to the summer we adore, this collection immerses us in moments where we rise early to sport the “Abstract” Allover piqué fabric polo and shorts, ready for a thrilling tennis match. The iconic sailor look, reminiscent of coastal charm, also graces the collection with the “Boat” Jacket and Short Set.

Design-wise, Hélas stays true to its iconic logo, showcasing pieces like the “Cinque Terre” Allover shirt and knitted crewneck, where the umbrella takes on new forms as the sun shines or shelters the cheerful inhabitants of a colorful village.

Naturally, Hélas pays homage to beloved classics like the “Court” Knitted Vest and the “River” Utility Vest, complemented by the versatile “Slides” available in six vibrant colors. To complete your ensemble, a selection of Summer Tees and Caps awaits, featuring light, pastel hues adorned with the distinctive Hélas logo.

To capture the spirit of this collection, the Hélas team embarked on a journey in Marseille—perched on cliff edges, on soccer fields, and strolling through the alleyways of this iconic Phocaean city.

Check out the lookbook below: