In the SS24 collection, mimesis takes center stage as a captivating concept. Through the lens of repetition, the evolution of menswear aesthetics is explored, ushering in an intriguing and transformative chapter for _J.L-A.L_.

This collection embraces duality, focusing on purposeful design rather than conforming to traditional forms. The brand’s signature intricate panelling and refined functionality remain intact, accompanied by seasonal touches like bounce-back pockets and laser-cut hems.

The spotlight shines on utilitarian cuts, where details are multiplied and transformed, giving rise to triple-collared shirts and cotton seersucker reinterpretations of a sniper’s cape. Detachable pockets from a hooded tri-layer find new life as they fasten onto a seasonal crossbody. Translucent shell jackets with raised hems cinch into frilled silhouettes, while lace accents adorn wool suiting.

Throughout the collection, garments reflect a harmonious blend of natural and synthetic fibers, showcasing iterations of the same piece with a shared emphasis on functionality.

SS24 serves as a profound exploration of these parallels, offering insights into _J.L-A.L_’s mastery of technical construction and his extensive references within the realm of menswear. As old patterns are replicated, the door to new possibilities swings wide open, ushering in a fresh wave of innovation and creativity.

Check out the collection below: