What do you get when you mix ancient Greek legends, modern technology, and vibrant colors? The answer is Hector & Ajax, a brand that celebrates the diversity and beauty of masculinity in all its forms.

The story behind the brand is rooted in Homer’s epic, The Iliad, which narrates the epic war between the Greeks and the Trojans. Among the many heroes and villains, two stand out: Hector and Ajax. Their myth represents the transcending force of true courage, tenacity, strength of body, and worth of mind. It also reminds us to be brave, grow out of our comfort zones, seek out a challenge that rings true, and as phrased in the Iliad: “Demand the fight”.

The philosophy behind the brand is based on the idea that masculinity is not a monolithic concept, but a spectrum that encompasses different qualities, expressions, and identities. Hector & Ajax aims to celebrate this diversity by creating garments that reflect the personality and preferences of each individual. The brand does not conform to the stereotypes or norms of what men should wear, but rather encourages them to explore their own style and embrace their uniqueness.

Hector & Ajax offers lightweight luxury apparel that fits and feels like a second skin. The garments are made from beech tree cellulose, a natural and renewable resource that produces fabrics soft as silk, yet robust and highly elastic. The production process is genuinely sustainable, using 20 times less water than cotton and recycling over 99.5% of the chemicals used. The garments are also breathable, moisture-wicking, and odour-resistant, making them ideal for any occasion.

The design behind the brand is inspired by the Greek symbolic heritage and the timeless varsity style. The garments feature bold colors, lean lines, and refined minimalism. The colors are not random but carefully chosen. For example, red symbolizes passion and energy, blue symbolizes calmness and wisdom, and yellow symbolizes optimism and joy.

Check out below the images starring Iasonas Laios dressed in the new Hector & Ajax capsule collection, photographed by Joey Leo and styled by Marko Cerketa: