Designer Antoine Peters designed a limited edition hamburger scarf. The silk scarf shows an enlarged hamburger, composed out of round and square pixels. From afar you can recognize the lettuce, tomato and meat of the burger, in close-up it is a cheerful graphic print full of color and texture.

In collaboration with photographer Marc Deurloo, Antoine used the scarf to create a socially critical and surreal world, which in a farce-like manner intertwines fashion and photography. Both the scarf and the photo are part of the MoBA’13 exhibition route and can be seen at Arnhem Coming Soon.

Mostly the work of Antoine is the result of his search for the wayward within popular culture. Peters seeks for the borderland between fashion and art.

“A hamburger as a symbol of consumerism. This has its negative aspects, but the bun is also a small party, a treat. It is therefore not clear whether I consume, vomit or create my ‘Hamburger scarf’.” Peters says. He adds with a wink: “The scarf contains 0% calories and 100% fashion.”

The scarf is packed in a hamburgerbox and exclusive available at Arnhem Coming Soon, Kerkstraat 23 in Arnhem.