Nowadays, an increasing percentage of people choose the countryside over the beach during Summer. This trend is taking on a special significance and is even being transferred to the fashion industry, to the point that some brands are embracing it, like GUESS Originals, which instead of shooting its Summer 2024 campaign in a coastal setting, has done so in a rural one. Why? Because they want to differentiate themselves from the rest and because the prepared offer was better suited to the location; the perfect scenario to relaunch the RealTreeCamo collaboration.

That collab has been showcased in the images accompanying the launch of the offer, shot in Georgia by photographer Neri and featuring emerging rap star CAMO. The Atlanta native can be seen wearing workwear-style garments in earth tones and pinks, including lightweight windbreakers, utility waistcoats, work shirts, and cargo shorts. The most significant aspect of them, apart from their design, are the fabrics they are made of, nylon and canvas.


What do you think of the GUESS Originals Summer 2024 collection and campaign? Regarding the first one, if your opinion is positive and you are considering buying something, you should know that it is already available on its website.