Carhartt WIP recently joined forces with the Italian brand, Grog, to unveil a quartet of refillable mini markers for the season. These markers, available in Carhartt WIP’s signature colors (black, Carhartt orange, Hamilton brown, and white), boast a flexible body and interchangeable Flowtex tips. What sets them apart is their high ink flow and quick-drying capabilities on all surfaces.

Grog, a brand born in 2005, has made a name for itself in the world of high-quality handmade markers and paints with various finishes. To celebrate this unique partnership, photographer Alessandro Simonetti captured a night in Milan where two generations of graffiti artists, Leoll and Chob, came together.

Chob, a true icon of Milan’s graffiti scene, has been active across Italy since the early ’90s. On the other hand, Leoll represents the newer generation, known for his distinctive reverse-tag style. The images from their night in Milan beautifully bridge the gap between these two talented graffiti writers. Check it out below: