Balenciaga breaks new ground with its inaugural Skiwear Collection, set to debut on November 15, 2023. A cool campaign of photos and videos unveils this lineup of technically advanced apparel, accessories, equipment, and gear. Think snowboards, skis, gloves, poles, helmets, and goggles – all of it staged in an unexpected locale. Instead of a snow-covered mountain, this collection takes center stage on a sun-soaked sandy beach, creating a striking contrast.

This foray into winter sports is a significant leap for the brand, as they delve into innovative materials and techniques designed for visibility, insulation, aerodynamics, and snow protection. The collection boasts parkas and cargo pants constructed from membrane-bonded technical ripstop, complete with integrated snow skirts, advanced ventilation systems, life-saving pockets, and convenient ski pass holders. The outerwear and accessories are treated to repel water, ensuring that wearers and their belongings stay warm and dry, even in challenging conditions. Noteworthy additions to the collection include the Alaska Boot and the snow-ready 3XL Ski Sneaker, complete with removable spiked crampons.