agnès b.’s LIBRAIRIE GALERIE introduces Lio Yeung, a local artist from Taiwan. In the exhibition, Lio presents his works in various media which offer an alternative way to understand the world that we are facing every day. Mixed media includes drawing, sculpture, neon light installation, ultra violet light drawing.

You are reading this text. Probably the background is white while the letters are in black. But for people with Synesthesia, alphabets are perceived with specific colours. The title of the exhibition “A is Green, R is Red” implies an alternative way of seeing the world.

In communication basis, we assume that everyone sees the same, so that we share and discuss the emotion and perception of the world derived from what we see. The assumption also leads us to the debate of the meaning of beauty. The Egyptian explored the two dimension of wall painting while artist in Renaissance developed linear perspective. However, if everyone doesn’t sees the world in the same way, are there any ground for us to discuss the meaning of beauty?

We are experiencing a world with the word ‘now’ in it, which has been constructed by complex system largely generated by data from our senses. We are unaware of things that we cannot sense. By creating an imaginative journey to the visual worlds of others, Lio invites audiences to see outside of the box and question the difference between the actual world and the world we perceive.


Photos by Kaon.