Emerging brands assertively amplify details, descriptions, and references. Authenticity assesses scarcity while uncomplicated inspiration is as intimidating as simplification. GR10K, in this particular collection, embarked on crafting a solid foundation – an articulation of boundaries and styles that fostered and propelled creativity organically, without force-feeding it.

We found ourselves back in places and spaces that could encapsulate and foster any spectrum of creativity, being it violently repugnant or gently murderous, as art has always been.

The pieces provide safeguards against subconscious aggression: lightweight wool uniforms, technical canvas, Baselitz yellow accents, dual-stretch IBQ fabric, bomber-style sleeves, compressed foam elements, steel panels, silver pins, and wooden frames.

Check out the collection below, captured by the lens of Salvatore Caputo and Colin Le Dorlot: