Giuliano Calza, creative director of GCDS, is breaking all kinds of molds in the fashion industry and doing everything he can to make the concept of “unisex” truly equal for both sexes. On top of all this, Giuliano knows what kind of clientele the brand he founded with his brother Giordano attracts, and he is also aware of the queer community that follows it, partly because of his queer-inspired creations.

Fashion is for fun and the youngest of the Calza family, as the naughty kid that he is, knows this. That’s why, to do his bit for the development of unisex and queer, the Italian has decided to take the shoe model he created “Morso” and increase its size to 46, to encourage greater self-expression for all.

Calza is very happy that this has been possible, as he said: “With this project, a little dream comes true. Every time I create something that special, like the Morso heel we made that has now become so iconic for the brand, I think of my friends. Finally, I have the opportunity to make such accessory versatile and available to everyone”.

This beautiful news is complemented by an advertising campaign, in which different male models are seen posing with various items of clothing from the brand, as well as the heels in question, which appear in the form of ankle boots (made of vinyl and in black) and sandals (in gold).

Have a look at the images from the GCDS campaign below:

Creative Director: @Davidmartingss
Photographer: @Andres.sanjuan
Model:@bensherrell @supamodelmanagement
Model: @oliver_osllvn @independent_mgmt
Grooming: @knightjosh @carenagency