In the summer of 2023, a team called External Vacancy took on a unique project in Metal Dome, British Columbia. Their goal was simple: to see what living high up in the mountains could be like.

They spent four months at 2,800 meters above sea level, building a dome that would protect them from the harsh mountain environment. This dome was designed to fit in with the natural landscape, providing a safe space on top of a high peak.

The team, including a group of artists, used this opportunity to explore how we can live in harmony with nature. They turned their experiences into art, creating pieces that reflected their time in the mountains.

Roa, a company known for its outdoor gear, partnered with EVAC for this project. They provided special equipment that was both practical and respectful of the environment. The Andreas boot, a key part of the gear, was updated with water-repellent microfiber and a nubuck tongue, along with Cordura fabric and a reflective element for safety. The sole was designed for grip on ice, and the toe cap added extra protection. The balaclava, made of Dryarn® fabric, was designed for warmth and comfort, fitting snugly to avoid chafing.

Check out the images below: