Unveiled with grandeur at the Fall 23 show, staged against the majestic backdrop of Giza, Egypt, behold the Dior Scarab bag—an extraordinary fusion of timeless elegance and indispensable utilitarian opulence.

Birthed from the impeccable artistry of the ateliers, this remarkable accessory draws inspiration from the resplendent beetle, an emblem of renewal and boundless fortune. Meticulous craftsmen, with unwavering precision, meticulously carve and assemble supple leather and durable nylon fragments, crafting a central zippered enclave followed by a supplementary pocket seamlessly attached to the shoulder strap. Ascending its magnificence, an intricate CD-lock buckle, adorned with the revered initials of the esteemed couturier, serves as a testament to the union of functionality and desirability, evoking an allure infused with the spirit of outdoor exploration.