SAMPLAS released a new fashion editorial inspired by the Matrix universe.

The story is split in 4 parts. Take a look below:


Chapter 1: ‘The Program have Absolute authority: The Architect, Prototype ONE’


Chapter 2: ‘First Human Life in MATRIX for Finding Bug’

Chapter 3: ‘Awakening of Self-existence’

Chapter 4: ‘Hierophany of ONE: NEO for Debugging & Enlighten the people in MATRIX’


Director: KYLE HONG (@samplaskr )
Photographer: HONG MIN AHN (@ahnomie)
Videographer: SEON A KIM (@suax_xaus)
Hair & Makeup: JEONG SEUNG YEON (@yni1eee)
Model: MYEONG JUN KIM (@itskim_mj)
Styling: KYLE HONG (@samplaskr ) & SEON A KIM (@suax_xaus)
BRANDS: HAMCUS (@hamcus) & Meantime (@meantime_article)