And you thought 4/20 was yesterday, surprise! We have the full month of April for 2020.

According to Urban Dictionary, this is the urban legend that started it all.

4:20 was the time of day some stoners at San Rafael High in Northern California (represent) would get together every day after school to smoke weed and get high. It is now a huge part of our culture, basically the word for the “weed culture.” It’s also a holiday, April 20th, (coming up!) and the only place to be at 4:20 on 4/20 is Hippie Hill in San Francisco. Hey dude look, it’s 4:20, take a hit! Shit, what are you doing on 4/20? GETTING HIGH OF COURSE

If all the governments really wanted us to stay inside and watch TV, then they really need to legalize weed. Additionally, as we enter a recession it could be the industry to kick start the economies. More than a financial boost, do we really want people risking their lives to deliver when they could be behind the bar at a dispensary that looks like a real estate office, educating us with full transparency of the supply chain, ingredients and what we can expect? Do we want it as a way to continue racial profiling for possession? Let’s hope that by this time next year everyone can smoke in peace.

Lists have been circulating of stoner movies, but here is my top ten trippiest films to watch:


1. Enter the Void by Gaspar Noé


2. The Holy Mountain by Alexandro Jodorowsky


3. Donnie Darko by Richard Kelly


4. Holy Motors by Leos Carax


5. Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki


6. Lost Highway by David Lynch


7. Swiss Army Man by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert


8. The Warriors by Walter Hill


9. Predestination by Michael and Peter Spierig


10. Snowpiercer by Boon Joon-ho


BONUS: Cats by Tom Hooper


I was going to write the descriptions, but then I got high!