In the heart of Berlin, a revolution brews within the walls of Ucon Acrobatics, a company not content with the status quo. Founded in 2001 by Martin Fussenegger and Jochen Smuda, Ucon Acrobatics has embarked on a journey to transform the textile industry from its linear, wasteful practices to a model of circular economy.

This Fall, the company is set to release a line of bags and backpacks that are not just accessories but symbols of change. These products are crafted from over 95% recycled textile waste, a bold statement against the industry’s norm of disposability and environmental harm. Ucon Acrobatics’ approach is a beacon of hope in a sector responsible for a staggering 10% of global carbon emissions.

The statistics are alarming: every second, the equivalent of a truckload of textiles meets its end in landfills or incinerators. In 2021, a mere 0.6% of textiles were given a new lease on life through recycling. Ucon Acrobatics stands as a defiant answer to this challenge, recycling textile waste into high-quality PET granules and then into yarns, slashing CO2 emissions by 35% compared to traditional synthetic polyester.

Innovation doesn’t stop there. The company has replaced conventional dyeing methods with a resource-efficient process called “dope dye,” cutting water usage by up to 90%, chemical usage by 80%, and halving energy and CO2 emissions. Despite the higher costs, Fussenegger’s commitment to progress is unwavering, driven by the belief that the circular economy is not just a business model but a moral imperative.

The culmination of nearly three years of development is PUrTEX∞, a custom tech material that outperforms conventional vegan leathers in durability and environmental friendliness. As Ucon Acrobatics looks to the future, its goal is clear: complete circularity by 2024, setting a standard for the industry and inspiring others to follow suit.

Check out the bags below:

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