Milan Fashion Week has already begun and one of the first brands to present its proposal was the one founded by the most iconic twins in the industry, Dean and Dan Caten, DSQUARED2. For yet another season, the duo of designers has revolutionized the Italian catwalks by offering their point of view of what they understand fashion to be, something that, together with other elements, has led them to achieve the prestigious position in the market that they have maintained for the last few decades, as well as a whopping 30 years in the industry, quite difficult to achieve nowadays due to the high level of competition that exists.

Achieving the latter wasn’t just a matter of luck, but of hard work and consistency, and of course not giving up on something they love, reimagining, because as people say, change is always positive and more than welcome. The Fall/Winter 2024 collection recently seen has a lot to do with this argument, since part of the show was related to change, as the models were coming out in pairs, as if they were twins, and going through a kind of transformation machine, where they underwent a process of metamorphosis and went from looking unkempt to shiny, not only on a bodily level but also stylistically, thanks to the looks created by the Canadians, a result of an exhaustive exploration of their characteristic codes.

One of the codes employed was to play with fabrics, treatments, and silhouettes, marking a clear dividing line between raw and refined. The raw was manifested through the ultra-detailed denim effect with mud and snow splattered, patched and frayed jeans; checked shirts held at the waist; ripped and shredded sweatshirts with rips and chains and cotton tanks; or worn leather found in fringed fur coats layered over knitwear, in shapes that combine oversize and baggy or cropped and tight; while refined, more nightwear-driven, is the complete opposite. Tailoring reigns here, sharp and narrow with sweetheart necklines and complemented by shiny metal jewellery. And not just jewellery shines, but also lurex, maxi sequins, python prints, and velvet. The show’s star is a jacket that transforms into the perfect tailored dinner jacket with double-breasted buttons that can be perfectly combined with the transparent chiffon shirts with studs that leave little to the imagination.

Continuing with this game devised by DSQUARED2, the accessories field also decided to join in and use the concepts of the raw and the refined to its heart’s content. The worn suede bags and gothic jacquard knit fanny packs contrast with the D2 unisex clutches in satin and python-print leather. Sneakers, military boots, and Sasquatch boots make way for masculine boots with light heels, adding length to the leg and accentuating elegance. And hats and jewellery created with sparkling coloured stones set in long polished gold metal chains complete the transformation.

Rounding off the show were Dean and Dan, closing the show themselves, one of whom appeared in a black dress and killer heels.

Take a look at the DSQUARED2 Fall/Winter 2024 collection below: