For Massimo Giorgetti, founder and creative director of MSGM, it all starts in Milan on the M1 metro line, which for those of you who don’t know the city, is the red one. That’s why the designer has decided to hold his latest show inside the Porta Venezia metro station, where the line passes through.

The collection that Massimo has designed for the coming season stems from a deep reflection on the frenetic reality we deal with every day. Time has become more than precious to the Italian and after this update, the concept of speed has taken on a new meaning. Once all the knowledge was in place, Giorgetti got down to work and began to give free rein to his imagination to create colourful clothes with fun prints to brighten up the dullest and dreariest of days. As a curiosity, these prints have been created thanks to exclusive images of the metropolitan area of the city, captured with the Google Pixel 8 device and its artificial intelligence-based camera. Thanks to the use of this device, the collaboration between Google and MSGM has arisen, which will soon touch several events and will conclude at the Salone del Mobile.

Google and MSGM collaboration will end at this event, but what will never end is the designer’s creativity, which is once again evident, not in the colour palette chosen or the prints, but in the interesting volumes he has given to some of the upper garments and the fabrics chosen to go with them. Never before have we seen such voluminous pieces with shiny fabrics or inlaid embellishments.

The FW show has revolved around speed and has raised a series of questions, which are: is everything moving at high speed? Is it faster than a motorbike? Is it faster than the underground? Is it faster than technology? Is this what we call growing up, growing old, living? Do we ever really reach maturity? Do we really need to go so fast?

Check out the MSGM Fall/Winter 2024 collection below: