Lights, cameras, and action! Welcome to the DSQUARED2 show. Before we start, you need to know that you can only enter if you are over 21 years old. And we don’t say it ourselves, the designer duo said it in the invitation they sent out. But don’t take it seriously, it’s a joke, everyone is invited, regardless of your age. Looking at the colors on the invitation, we could already get an idea of what was in store for us: lots of fashion and fun.

Looking back to look forward. That’s precisely what Dean and Dan Caten did, going back to the past, specifically to the 2003 show, to get inspired again. You know what they say: “never gets old”. Two decades later, they’re still going strong, giving us the best version of themselves, and finding a new form in a line-up of teenage chaps. In this group that appeared on the show, there was room for all types of people. There’s the geek, the goth, the master, the woman… stereotypes are broken down and brought back together with contemporary conviction, the freedom to be who you want to be.

The brand’s exploration of teenage characters unleashes all the energy of Dsquared2. They dress to be seen and liked, with fringed jackets and star-studded jeans at the knees and mix it up with “Darlin'” and “Emo” printed knitted T-shirts and embroidered western boots with heels. Sheepskin leggings worn over jeans or embroidered shirts, or preppy badges embroidered on v-neck jumpers, on the chest of a man’s coat, or on the lapel of women’s bomber jackets, are pieces that also appeal to them. The same goes for puffers cut from frayed denim or sporty nylon, or the unisex shiny duchesse satin parka with lace details. This material appears in the underwear and camisoles that appear in men’s looks.

And if that wasn’t enough, of course, there’s the denim world and the trouser theme that they do so well. In this proposal, there are elaborately quilted jeans with contrasting proportions of ultra-wide or tiny, double trousers, denim over chinos; outerwear with flourishes and the Dsquared2 DNA of mashups, prep mixed with denim. T-shirts, which also dominate, are mixed with shorts, while cropped plaid jackets are paired with women’s shorts.

Accessories, an indispensable part of any look and brand, are inspired by Dsquared2’s hallmarks, as in the case of a belt with a metal buckle, first launched 25 years ago that is passed across jeans, shorts, and chinos for men and women. That same buckle with Western lettering also appears on the top of the design of the hand fanny pack, designed for both genders. The pop touch is added by a heart-shaped thermo-polarised bag in black. All of these accessories are complemented by western, desert, or biker-style boots, and teamed with white socks topped with red stripes.

Check out the collection below: