Established in 2019, Draft001 is more than a magazine. It is a movement, a challenge to the prevailing methodologies, a disruption of the status quo.

With two totally independent printed issues, “Big Bang” and “Parade,” Draft001 made two manifestos of change, bringing together 150 to 200 artists from diverse backgrounds and stages in their creative journeys. The pages of Draft001 are a testament to the collective’s commitment to forging intersections within creative communities, painting a portrait of an emerging art scene that dares to challenge and displace the conventional notions upheld by established creative institutions.

The co-founders, Réda Ait and Pierre de Monès, crafted a world that is as diverse and vibrant as it is united and intentional about its future. They see a world in constant motion, a kaleidoscope of ideas and identities that refuses to stand still.

The upcoming edition of Draft001 delves into the concept of Hors-champ, a term borrowed from the cinematic lexicon that signifies what lies beyond the camera’s gaze, the off-screen, the out-of-range, and the out-of-focus. It is a metaphor for the unseen, the unacknowledged, and the undervalued. Through this lens, the editorial team embarks on an exploration of works by artists, cultural actors, and activists who dare to challenge and reconfigure the organization of mainstream artistic and social spheres. They pose critical questions about the sustenance of dominant culture, the beneficiaries of power dynamics, and the tools used to maintain such structures.

More importantly, Draft001 seeks to uncover the reference points that exist outside the center, the new relations and desirable worlds that lie beyond fixed representations and assigned places. It is a quest for liberation from the confines of the mainstream, a search for authenticity in a world that often values conformity.

The importance of magazines like Draft001 cannot be overstated, especially in their role of giving visibility to important issues that affect LGBTQIA+ people and promoting the work being made inside the community. These emerging magazines are the lifeblood of a sense of community, relying on the support of everyone to continue their vital work.

So what are you waiting for? Pre-order the new issue HERE and make your contribution while getting a great piece of art and reading.