The birth of the “Dildom” collection was driven by a desire to foster a sense of unity and inclusivity that extends beyond the world of fashion. This innovative offering weaves together familiar pieces that are already part of the label’s DNA, drawing inspiration from avant-garde artistic movements such as Marcel Duchamp’s Dadaism, the conceptual art of the Chapman brothers, and the provocative aesthetics of Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange” and Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World.”

The use of BDSM elements on milky-hued garments imbues this collection with a gentle sweetness that reflects contemporary society’s yearning for freedom, according to DOMINNICO‘s creative director, Domingo Rodriguez Lazaro. The collection features a range of materials and fabrics, including patent leather, leather, Tibetan fur, beading, taffeta, and Tencel, all of which are expertly crafted into asymmetrical cuts, strategic openings, and adorned with buckles and clasps bearing the label’s iconic logo.

Sportswear, engines, and trimmings with sexual connotations are among the standout features of this collection, which eschews the notion of clothing for the sake of mere functionality. Instead, the designer has used materials and fabrics that could just as easily dress a motorbike as they could a human form, creating a seamless fusion between the worlds of fashion and engineering.

The color palette for this futuristic collection is equally bold and daring, with shades ranging from mint green and sky blue to baby pink, tangerine, and strawberry. By using fashion as a tool for individual expression and liberation, the Dildom Fall 23 collection represents a new era of inclusivity and creative boundary-pushing.

Take a look below at our favorite looks presented during 080 Barcelona Fashion: