The personal is political. Lately we’re relying more on ourselves, our bodies, to keep us in check. All the more reason to dress for the movements you can make—workouts, a leisurely walk, shavasana on your balcony. Introducing the SSENSE Exclusive Martine Rose capsule collection.

Martine Rose SSENSE Exclusive Cycling Top and Cycling Shorts. It’s hard not to accelerate when the color you’re wearing means GO. The Cycling Top and Cycling short allow you to hightail your way around, making sure nobody stays in one place too long.


Martine Rose SSENSE Exclusive Football Scarf. Who knows football scarves better than Londoner Martine Rose? With a nod to UK heritage, it’s just like the knit says, The One and Only. And given that it’s reversible, could be true in terms of scarves you’ll ever need.

Martine Rose SSENSE Exclusive Pink Twist Track Top and Pink Twist Track Pants. Do we really need to sell you on a pink track suit?

Martine Rose SSENSE Exclusive Twist Track Pants and Twist Track Top. Do the twist! Go swish swish!

Martine Rose SSENSE Exclusive Peace Front Print Shirt. It’s on your marks, get set, go with this t-shirt. Hopefully the only thing chasing you are these four colored shadows.

Martine Rose SSENSE Exclusive Cycling Top. The RGB color model features three colors: red, green, and blue. These are the colors of light that create different colors when added together. You could say they’re light primaries. And what travels faster than the speed of light? You; red, green, and blue—in this shirt.