A$AP Rocky and AWGE presented a new brand that intertwines art and activism during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris, at The Hôtel de Maisons.

American Sabotage is a full-on movement. Think ghetto expressionism meets high fashion. Each of the 30 meticulously crafted pieces is a statement piece, a battle cry against the status quo. It’s a deep dive into A$AP Rocky’s creative vision, a vision that celebrates diverse communities.

We’re wrecking boundaries and making statements through every piece, reflecting the spirit and resilience of our communities. This is fashion with purpose, where art meets activism,” Rocky himself declared.

The collection itself is electric. PUMA provides the sleek footwear, while Ray-Ban lends its iconic shades. Powering the whole thing is Shopify, the platform that lets Rocky (and countless others) turn their creative energy into reality.

And the soundtrack? Pure fire – straight from Rocky’s forthcoming album.

If you’re ready to join the movement, mark your calendars. The collection drops online at AWGE.com soon. Meanwhile check out the collection below: