Exploring uncharted territories where style meets snow, Kim Jones carves out a fresh niche in the world of winter sports. Think mountain slopes turned into a canvas for innovation and adventure.

Jones has birthed a new ski capsule that seamlessly blends design and outdoor escapades. Collaborating with the artistic prowess of Peter Doig, Dior unveils a collection featuring wrap-around knits adorned with prints exclusively crafted by the artist. It’s a retro vibe that throws back to the bold aesthetics of the 80s and 90s, with a subtle yet striking crest inspired by Doig’s masterpieces gracing selected pants and jackets.

For this winter rendezvous, Dior teams up with Japanese brand Descente to bring you a modern and audacious look. Picture ultralight down jackets that effortlessly elevate your style while promising warmth in the chill. But that’s not all – Dior redefines its dance with the snow gods by collaborating with protection specialist POC. Brace yourself for two helmets and a pair of goggles that scream top-tier expertise.

In this frosty symphony, Dior doesn’t stop at clothing. The brand unveils a snowboard, a product of an enthralling collaboration with AK Ski. Adorned with an illustration by Peter Doig, it’s a celebration of the winter landscape’s beauty.

These pieces are not just eye candy. They’re a perfect blend of form and function, promising a unique fusion of speed and safety.

Check out the collection below: