The House of Dior has always been about more than just fashion; it’s about the joy of giving. This time, they’ve brought us a fresh take on their classic style. Kim Jones has put his spin on some timeless pieces, and they’re all marked with the Dior touch.

The new collection is modern and practical, with saddle and safari bags that are as stylish as they are useful. The Rider 2.0 line is no exception, offering designs that are both chic and functional. The Dior Gravity leather, famous for the Dior Oblige, is now part of the B27 and B33 sneakers, belt, and small leather goods. Even the silk ties and cardholder in jacquard canvas have the Dior flair.

The “CD” initials make an appearance on the B57 and B30, and a pair of sunglasses carries on the tradition. Jewelry gets a special touch with the “CD icon” and “Dior italic” signatures, adding a bit of extra class to every outfit.

These pieces are more than just accessories; they’re gifts that bring happiness. They’re made with care and attention to detail, just like the art of gift-giving itself.

Check it out below: