Kim Jones, the creative director of Dior men’s collections, has designed a line of clothing that combines simplicity and sophistication. The Dior Icons collection features a range of classic pieces in natural and muted colors, such as long coats, sleek pants, and refined jackets. Made from high-quality materials like cashmere and silk, the collection offers a cool and contemporary look for men who appreciate elegance and comfort.

The Dior Icons collection also pays tribute to the house’s rich heritage, with subtle details that evoke the signature Dior style. Some jackets have a cannage or Dior Oblique pattern on the lining, while others have a metal bar button that recalls the iconic Bar suit. The collection also includes the Dior Gallop shoulder bag, which comes in a mini version and has an aluminum buckle with the “Christian Dior” logo.

The Dior Icons collection is a testament to the exceptional savoir-faire and excellence of Dior, offering a timeless wardrobe for men who want to express their personality and style.

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