For the Fall 2024 collection, Dior’s creative director Kim Jones introduces a fresh take on the brand’s classic style. The highlight is a new material named DIOR GRAVITY, which features the well-known Dior Oblique pattern in two sizes: a smaller print for items like wallets and a larger one for bags.

This new material is the result of a special embossing process that uses gravity to create a unique texture on the leather. It’s a clever blend of Dior’s craftsmanship with a bit of science, resulting in a material that’s both tactile and visually appealing. The collection’s color scheme is subtle, with muted shades of beige, black, and khaki. These colors give the material a sophisticated look without being too flashy.

Dior’s Fall 2024 lineup includes the Messenger and Weekender bags, both made with the new DIOR GRAVITY material. These pieces are designed to be both stylish and functional, perfect for everyday use or travel.

Accessories haven’t been overlooked. A selection of belts, card holders, and even sneakers get the DIOR GRAVITY treatment, making them standout pieces with a touch of Dior’s new material.

Check it out below: