Set in Milan and directed by Miha Kacic, the Dima Leu fashion film ANDANTE takes its name from the SS22 collection and represents a reflection by the designer on the time sickness. ANDANTE is a musical term that denotes a slow speed at which a piece of music should be played. The designer chooses “Winter’’ by Antonio Vivaldi as film soundtrack and decelerates it from an allegro to an andante tempo. The decelerating time becomes thus the main theme in the video which is conceptually made with a combination of a slowed down soundtrack and a video footage with slow actions in real time.

The designer wants to take the viewer into a slower dimension by considering it as the only perspective from which to perceive the true rhythm at which we are used to live. The video shows as well a series of symbols that allude to a slow rhythm of time and to a taste of the intentionally living, including snails becoming protagonists in the central part of the video.

Slowing down means to me, taking some time to breathe, some time to look where I’m going and to figure out where I want to go ” says the designer. “We have been used to always rushing, having no time to devote to what we really feel. We have to slow down, I don’t think there is any other choice.