The SS24 ‘Sleepless Night’ collection from DET BLEV SENT is a nod to Berlin’s 90s underground rave scene. Berlin, the city that never really slept since ’49, was a playground for night owls, a canvas for youth’s experimentation, and a hub of freedom. This collection captures the raw energy and fearless attitude of that era when the night was more than just a backdrop—it was a world of unapologetic self-expression.

Blending refined couture with 90s streetwear, ‘Sleepless Night’ channels the eclectic and rebellious style of the time. Picture hand-made denim fur jackets, calf hair denim-style ones, python snakeskin-embossed leather jackets, nubuck leather denim-style ones, and a bold red crocodile skin embossed leather vest. Mix in some wide-leg oversized jeans and waxed denim flared jeans for that sophistication-meets-street edge vibe. Don’t forget the 90s sports sunglasses-inspired eyewear to add a touch of nostalgia and a dash of edge. And for a gritty touch, there’s a grunge and destroyed sweater in there too, keeping it real like the 90s.

The silhouettes here play with intensity and subtlety, taking couture on a rollercoaster ride through the structural composition of the garments. Textures collide in provocative ways, tossing traditional fashion rules out the window. It’s all about daring self-expression in a world that’s too often stifled by conformity. ‘Sleepless Night’ dances on the fine line between classicism and rebellion, giving you a timeless dose of sophistication with a side of audacious style.

‘Sleepless Night’ isn’t just about clothes; it’s a tribute to dancing, movement, and techno couture. Take a look at the collection below: