Dastish Fantastish was founded in 2009 as an electronic music project. Today, it is one of the main headliners for menswear at Ukrainian Fashion Week.

Founded by Volodymyr Demchynskyi, the label’s first inspiration came from street style with the starting point in oversized T-shirts and singlets. Kiev has a solid unground music scene and strong skateboarding roots that are reflected today with several of their designers. While several designers opt for capsule collections, Dastish Fantastish has grown to a full collection with a solid story.
This season has a YK2 vibe. Gone are the days of skinny trousers, opting for low slung waistlines with a slightly flared leg. Models sported the sunglasses that aren’t too far placed from the Matrix universe for an overall look that I would dub “athletic hackers”. Fits right in as Ukraine is notorious for having some of the best in the world. Millennial pinks are faded to the lightest shade possible, against 90s minimal favorite shades of concrete, sand, and baby blue against stark orange violent red, and cobalt blue favorited by sanitation workers.

The idea behind the brand is based on three main principles of brand’s philosophy: futurism, dark romance and aesthetic of youth. While some pieces seem out of place such as the tailored suit and leather pieces, they fit if you imagine the whole wardrobe of the individual. While the aesthetic of youth in the Eastern Europe or more particularly it’s sportswear may be reaching a tipping point, the concept of futurism is an interesting place to see the label evolve.