DANIEL w. FLETCHER is dialing up the sartorial vibes for Fall/Winter 2023 with a collab that hits the sweet spot of craftsmanship. Partnering up with Huntsman, a Savile Row tailor with a 174-year legacy, Fletcher’s bringing the heat with nine bespoke suits and 10 ready-to-wear styles.

These threads, born from the archives of both brands, made their runway debut in June, and now, they’re up for grabs. Craft takes center stage, paying homage to Britain’s history of precision, integrity, nuance, and an unwavering drive toward the future.

The Huntsman touch is all about that meticulous craft, and Fletcher’s designs don’t just wear it; they flaunt it. Basting stitching plays peek-a-boo, showcasing the unique precision that goes into crafting a Savile Row suit.

Adding another layer of British flair, every piece in this collection has been crafted in the United Kingdom. Whether it’s merino wool for wide-leg tailored shorts, cropped blousons, or stiff cotton twill for a shirt with a waistcoat structure, it’s all about keeping it local.

Check out the collection below: