#CreateCOP26 is a new initiative in the industry of fashion in the space of climate and sustainability. Ahead of COP26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Art Partner with support from UNESCO’s Regional Bureau for Sciences in Latin America and the Caribbean, held a competition and virtual exhibition engaging young artists on themes of climate change. 

#CreateCOP26 is dedicated to a generation mobilized and aware that they are inheriting a planet in peril. Having received hundreds of submissions from 54 countries across six continents, eight jurors including photographer Tyler Mitchell and artist Han Feng, selected nine finalists and announced Camila Jaber, 25, Mexico, taking home first place with “I am Cenote”. 

One project that stood out to us was Hikima Mahamuda, 30, from Ghana, who took home 2nd Place with “Pure Water’ Raincoat”: 

In Ghana, water is most consumed in packaged water-filled bags and has become ‘a major cause of plastic pollution’ for the country. When they are burned, they contribute even more negatively to the climate as Mahamuda acknowledges we are currently experiencing. As a designer with sustainability in mind, she was inspired to turn these plastics into raincoats in order to raise further awareness around climate change in West Africa and provide an opportunity for the impact and damage to be reduced.

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