Courrèges‘ Men’s pre-collection for SS24 unfolds as a captivating narrative, reminiscent of a cinematic tale of self-exploration and defiance. It is a visual journey that embodies the spirit of a road trip, with each ensemble capturing the essence of this storied adventure.

Transcending the boundaries of conventional college attire, the collection delves into the timeless themes of personal growth and transformation. Courrèges embraces a departure from its customary uniform, infusing it with an emancipatory intent that redefines its structured heritage.

Drawing inspiration from an archeology of the future, the collection ponders the irresistible allure of the open road, propelling the brand’s aesthetic boundaries forward. Alongside the highway, a sun-drenched billboard beckons, proclaiming, “Let’s get away from it all,” setting the tone for the liberating spirit within.

Check out the collection below: