Cornerstone is a metaphor for foundation, the point where everything starts and, at the same time, the element capable of keeping everything close together.

A journey, don’t matter for how long, begins with a first step and could not exist without that single embryonic movement. Similarly knowledge always starts from a simple basic notion. The same way every single life begins with the first breath. This is what Cornerstone Homme by Sun Yun is about: The endless sake of essence and underived structure: the primitive fragment of aesthetics.

Interior Designer and Architect Sun Yun wanted to expand his personal territory of creativity, moving his first steps in the uncharted land of garments making. The aim was to imprint the first collection with all of his technical knowledge and aesthetic sensitivity, willing to transform clothes into an experience similar to primitive architecture. Each piece resembles a monolith and finds the perfect balance with each other just by natural laws, like a dolmen and menhir megalithic sculpture. The collection unveils a deep research all centered on volumes and proportions and an unrivaled attention to details. Each fabric mix and texture echoes of stone-carved decorations, capable of dazing and hypnotizing. The collection main theme is rebirth and had already been anticipated by Mr. Sun Yun installation at Ryodan Showroom during Paris Fashion week, where the designer presented a sculptural transfiguration of “Joseph and his robe of bright colors” biblical anecdote. Abattoir 1933, colossal and labyrinthic brutalist-style building in the center of Shangai was the chosen scenario for the runway presentation. The show was permeated by a dark and gloomy atmosphere, accentuated by the overcast soundtrack and edgy styling, everything was set to allow the bright colors of the collection to break out from the dark and directly impact the audience.

Right after the show during Shanghai Fashion Week, we had been given the chance to speak a few words with the Cornerstone team to discover their vision of the brand.


Eric, the stylist: For me, Cornerstone is an awesome mix between Chinese traditional tailoring and shapes with more contemporary and edgy styles.


Pan, the musician:When I was composing music for the runway. I took inspiration from the heritage of the country and the demeanors of China which is the root they share together, that’s what Cornerstone is to me.”


Seiya:Cornerstone is a contemporary fashion house with a traditional touch, designed for the forward-thinking generation.


The day after we had been invited to the “Shanghai Aristo Mansion” hotel (designed by Yun Sun himself) in order to have a more deep and intimate talk with the designer:


Mr. Sun, the designer:I want to express my attitude in fashion. I am an architect, so my personal outlook on fashion can really be peculiar. My will is to make garments that can express my own sense of aesthetics. The collection is about “Rebirth”, reworn aspect of our clothes. I like the use of vintage, or something that people wasted, in our new collection. This is the vision and the attitude of Cornerstone. A corner stone is the fundation, exactly like in architecture, in mindset and design, as this collection was also the first fundamental “Stone” of many to come.

Photo/Text/Inteviews: Valerio Coretti
Video: Federico Barengo