White colour has many meanings, depending on the culture. In the western world, it is associated with cleanliness, purity, or peace. The latter is something that has been given special importance nowadays, either because of the wars that some countries are unfortunately dealing with, or because of how conscious the world in general has become about mental health. To encourage the development of mental health, meditation and even prayer are recommended, and Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo certainly agrees with this, puts it into practice, and even wears white to do so, as she associates the colour white with prayer.

Prayer and the spiritual world are two fields that are closely linked, so the founder and creative director of Comme des Garçons Homme Plus wanted to use this union to develop her Fall/Winter 2024 collection, presented during Paris Fashion Week.

40 looks in white, black, and grey, were the ones that burst onto the catwalk to the sound of Ugo Nardini’s music. Each and every one of them represented Kawakubo’s signature design style and was finished off with hats by Gary Card, while the footwear, in collaboration with Kids Love Gaite or Nike, was a collaboration between the two designers.

Together they reimagined and refined the AirMax TL2.5, a model first released in 2006, by cleaning up the layout of the original model and removing the tongue from the shoes. In addition, the large Nike swoosh has also been removed and turned into a more subtle one and the laces have been tucked inside the shoe. As a curiosity, the Air Max airbags are matt black and white, so that the item looks uniform.

Check out the Comme des Garçons Homme Plus Fall/Winter 2024 collection below: