Japanese designer Junya Watanabe has chosen Paris Fashion Week again to present his Fall/Winter 2024 collection and, incidentally, to show off his mastery of suit reconstruction, the theme chosen for this occasion and intended for men of all generations to wear suits.

The collection consisted of almost forty looks, 39 to be exact, and all of them were directed towards a timeless design line with modern and contemporary touches, always going beyond, as usual for the brand. It could also be said that this was divided into two parts, one more formal, with a predominance of sober style garments and winter plaid fabrics, and another more focused on a more urban public, in which, with the permission of the collaborations unveiled, denim was one of the main protagonists, as it was used on several occasions.

Denim could be considered the most timeless fabric in the history of fashion, as it has never gone out of style from the moment it was created, and that is why Mr. Watanabe wanted to include it in his latest proposal. But Junya didn’t just want to include it, he preferred to do so and, at the same time, collaborate with the leading brand in this market, Levis, and create twelve articles that will soon be available for purchase.

Another collaboration that could be seen was the one with the British brand Palace, including a cap and a long black coat in the form of a cape, notable for the embroidery on the back, which referred to Palestine, as J.W. himself explained backstage after the fashion show.

Urban fashion, as mentioned at the beginning, was very much present in the line. Junya is a very smart man and knows what his audience wants and expects from him, hence his alliance with the most fashionable workwear brand of recent times, Carhartt. Both developed a full-length coat that referenced the brand’s iconic work jacket with pockets.

In terms of footwear, there were also a couple of other collaborations, one with New Balance and the other with Brooks Brother. The former were sneakers, while the latter were lace-up trainers that gave the looks an elegant touch.

Art also made a star appearance and it was through the artists Pink Floyd and Simerk.

Check out the Junya Watanabe Fall/Winter 2024 collection below: