Get ready to mark your calendars because from November 17 to 19, 2023, the city of Maastricht, in the Netherlands, is set to become a global hub for cutting-edge fashion and creative expression. The 15th edition of the FASHIONCLASH Festival is not to be missed.

This three-day festival will feature talent from all corners of the world. Designers and performing artists converge to showcase their work to a diverse international audience. The festival’s program covers a wide spectrum of creative endeavors, including exhibitions, performances, talks, workshops, and fashion film screenings, all designed to explore, contextualize, and celebrate contemporary fashion culture.

Over 100 designers, artists, and creators hailing from more than 30 different countries will join the event, blurring the lines between fashion, social design, and visual arts. The FASHIONCLASH Festival is all about fostering innovation, pushing boundaries, and sharing these dynamic developments with a wide-ranging audience.

The program is a curated selection from open submissions and projects initiated by FASHIONCLASH in collaboration with various organizations and creators. It serves as a platform to unveil the results of year-round projects and talent development initiatives.

Access to the FASHIONCLASH Festival is open to everyone, with ticketed events and numerous free activities for all to enjoy.

Now, let’s dive into some of the exciting highlights:

New Fashion Narratives – This year, the exhibition program takes an innovative approach. Five independent fashion practitioners have come together to curate the New Fashion Narratives exhibition, which will be showcased at Bureau Europa. Instead of just focusing on the final product, their aim is to shed light on the often-hidden creative processes that lead to the end result. They explore how creativity references the past, influences the present, and sets the stage for the future. Curators Enzo Aïtkaci, Chinouk Filique, Jonathan Ho, Lotte de Jager, and Boris Kollar bring a fresh perspective to fashion.

The CLASH House – The CLASH House is a platform to experiment with new presentation formats. Participants receive coaching to innovate and create unique experiences for their audience, bridging the gap between fashion and art.

Fashion Film Program – Fashion films are a powerful medium to capture the essence of a brand or designer. The festival screens a selection of 41 films from around the world, offering diverse perspectives, cultures, and stories. The Fashion Film Award adds an exciting element, recognizing outstanding creativity in this genre.

Premiere of short fashion film, The Leap – A collaboration made possible by the Meester Koetsier Foundation, this film by five makers, guided by FASHIONCLASH and filmmaker Daniel van Hauten, promises to be a visual treat.

Fashion Makes Sense – This ongoing program focuses on social design, inclusion, education, and collaboration. Several participation projects will be presented, along with interactive theater performances for young people about fashion and sustainability. The Fashion Makes Sense Talk will bring makers together to discuss their experiences.

In addition to these program highlights, there are continuous and free activities to enjoy, including exhibitions, installations, pop-up shops, and engaging talks with designers and artists.

Make sure to save the dates and be part of this extraordinary experience in Maastricht. Check out more information about participants and their various events on the festival’s website: