Balenciaga‘s latest campaign is steering away from the traditional seasonal route. They’re embracing the new era of social media, and the result is something worth talking about.

This campaign is all about showcasing the essence and iconic shapes of Balenciaga’s designs. Accessories, bags, shoes, and ready-to-wear are presented in a way that taps into historical, heroic, or simply otherworldly vibes.

The visuals here are on a grand scale, with minimalistic, tongue-in-cheek taglines like “It’s different,” “No blabla,” and “Probably not what you’re looking for.” It’s a play on contrasts, emphasizing the campaign’s stripped-down approach.

Each product is spotlighted, almost as if they’re artifacts in an archive. The spotlight gives them an almost mythic quality. In the spotlight, you’ll find items with bold proportions, maximalist styles, and creations that meld opposing archetypes – all representing Balenciaga’s iconic silhouettes.

Check out the images below: