Christian Dada Fall/Winter 2013

Christian Dada presented its Fall/Winter 2013 collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo. Entitled “FENGHUANG“, the collection featured mostly black looks, with oversized cuts, shoes with wings and some interesting details.

Jack Henry New York Fall/Winter 2013

The Fall/Winter 2013 collection by Jack Henry New York, embraces the differences between the skinhead subculture and the preppy, varsity jocks. The result provides you with the ultimate high/low concept of dressing with an undeniable ease. This collection… »

14 MarCollection. Fall/Winter

Potipoti Berlin Fall/Winter 2013

Potipoti Berlin present their Fall/Winter 2013 collection, featuring 100% merino wool extrafine, cashmere and leather which is designed to the Potipoti classics knitted trousers and cardigans, but also to scarves that turn in to blankets including a black leather… »


Alberto Moretti… Joie de chaussures!

He is the designer “from the velvet heart”. His creations are chosen by international celebrities such as Elton John, Ryan Gosling, Ronnie Wood. His brand is distributed in the best luxury store in the world: Barneys New York, Harvey Nichols, Mercury-Tsum Moscow,… »

Nuno Gama Fall/Winter 2013

Nuno Gama presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa. Entitled “ICOSAEDRO”, the collection was inspired by the perfect geometry of a equilateral triangle and its symbolism.

Miguel Vieira Fall/Winter 2013

Miguel Vieira presented a black & white Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa, featuring well tailored pieces, mixing formal with casual looks.

Dino Alves Fall/Winter 2013

Dino Alves presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa. Entitled “NEXT PAGE”, the collection is inspired by book pages, featuring layered looks and prints.

V!tor Fall/Winter 2013

V!tor presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa. Entitled “V!TOLOGY”, the collection is inspired by gods, creatures and muses of mythology.

Niels Peeraer Fall/Winter 2013

‘There is no limit to cuteness’. NIELS PEERAER’s collections are made out of vegetable tanned bridle leather in combination with brass fittings, carefully crafted but still with the intention to celebrate the natural beauty and strength of the leather.

10 MarAccesories. Fall/Winter

Alexandra Moura Fall/Winter 2013

Alexandra Moura presented her Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa, featuring simple lines, minimal silhouettes and materials like cotton, kid mohair, velvet and neoprene. The symbolism behind this collection is the source of everything, beauty and protection.

Os Burgueses Fall/Winter 2013

Os Burgueses presented their “BLACKOUT” Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa.

Ricardo Andrez Fall/Winter 2013

Ricardo Andrez presented his “BRVTVS” Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa.

Ricardo Dourado Fall/Winter 2013

Ricardo Dourado presented his “Soweto” Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa, featuring oversized silhouettes and some interesting details.

Ptaszek Fall/Winter 2013

Monika Ptaszek was the Guest Designer at ModaLisboa. She presented a somber Fall/Winter 2013 collection, inspired by the disturbing silence of the North Sea, entitled “WARSHIP“.

Valentim Quaresma Fall/Winter 2013

Valentim Quaresma presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa. Entitled “Daydream“, the collection mix industrialization and creativity, featuring materials like leather, copper and hair.

Moncler Gamme Rouge Fall/Winter 2013

Giambattista Valli created a luxurious Fall/Winter 2013 collection for Moncler Gamme Rouge, featuring furs and jackets made of technical fabrics enriched with precious details. In a frost chic landscape, models walk the runway with huskies and polar bears blending with… »

Etxeberria Fall/Winter 2013

Roberto López Etxeberria presented a luxurious Fall/Winter 2013 collection during Madrid Fashion Week, featuring beautiful outerwear made with wool, leather and fur. Lookbook by Rainer Torrado.

6 MarCollection. Fall/Winter

Andrea Crews Fall/Winter 2013

Andrea Crews presented its Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection entitled “Virtus Forma“.
Inspired by the structure and texture of moving materials, Andrea Crews developed fabrics and patterns to dress uptown boys. At the same time the collections presents downtownlook pieces handmade from… »

Lucio Vanotti Fall/Winter 2013

The Fall/Winter 2013 collection by Lucio Vanotti, is derived from the institutional play between texture, structures and shapes. Deriving from the square shape, tessellate forms have been drawn as perpendicular silhouettes. Useful, basic and composed, the garments serve… »

5 MarCollection. Fall/Winter

Octo Cheung by Mariona Vilarós

Mariona Vilarós photographed the latest collection by Octo Cheung, a menswear designer from London College of Fashion.
This collection comes from ancient alchemy – from scriptural, logic and metaphysical arguments, from the spiritual and mysterious. The inspiration takes the traditional… »

23 FebCollection. Fall/Winter

EGO: Pablo Erroz Fall/Winter 2013

Pablo Erroz presented his Fall/Winter 2013 at EGO during Madrid Fashion Week, featuring interesting details and materials like fur and leather.

EGO: H O W L by María Glück

María Glück presented her Fall/Winter 2013 collection for H O W L at EGO during Madrid Fashion Week.

EGO: Heridadegato Fall/Winter 2013

Heridadegato presented their Fall/Winter 2013 at EGO during Madrid Fashion Week.

María Escoté Fall/Winter 2013

María Escoté presented her “Poison” Fall/Winter 2013 collection during Madrid Fashion Week. There were only 3 male looks, featuring beautiful splash of color and textures.

Etxeberria Fall/Winter 2013

Roberto López Etxeberria presented a luxurious Fall/Winter 2013 collection during Madrid Fashion Week, featuring beautiful outerwear made with wool, leather and fur.

Dominic Louis Fall/Winter 2013

Dominic Louis’ Fall/Winter 2013 collection is looking to medieval silhouettes proposing a fresh take on a past inspiration, translating it into the current Dominic Louis aesthetic that is minimal and exudes effortless elegance and self confidence for its wearer. Following… »

21 FebCollection. Fall/Winter

Asher Levine Fall/Winter 2013

Asher Levine presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection at the MMAC (248 W 60th St. NY, NY 10023). A custom track by Mess Kid synched to an animation of skulls, bats and houndstooth invaded the stage as models walked.

AA de Amaya Arzuaga Fall/Winter 2013

Amaya Arzuaga presented her Fall/Winter 2013 collection during Madrid Fashion Week, featuring oversized silhouettes and materials like neoprene, wool and cashmere.

Davidelfin Fall/Winter 2013

Davidelfin presented a white Fall/Winter 2013 collection during Madrid Fashion Week. Entitled “Missing”, the collection pays tribute to his dog Alice. It featured conceptual looks, beautiful details like red crochet flowers and great handbags by Pelayo Díaz.

McQ Fall/Winter 2013 Lookbook

Botond Cseke photographed by Roger Deckker for the Fall/Winter 2013 lookbook of Alexander McQueen’s diffusion line McQ, featuring flower patterns and some rigid and punk inspired pieces.

20 FebCollection. Fall/Winter
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