The Casablanca SS22 “Masao San” collection is now available in stores globally. Dedicated to Masao, a close friend of the house, the collection draws inspiration from the Memphis Milano art movement and Charaf Tajer’s travels through Japan during the country’s peak years of innovation, when technology was at the forefront, and renowned tech companies excelled, continually breaking new ground.

Lifting from the aesthetic of 90’s Japanese ads for new technology, when companies such as Sony, Honda and Panasonic led the way globally, ‘Masao San’ pays homage to a time when the salaryman helped keep the city moving, when clothing had to carry both style and functionality – adapting to fast-paced cities and communities.

Creative Director, Charaf Tajer (Charaftajer)
Directed by Nathalie Canguilhem (@ncanguilhem)
Produced by Phantasm (
1st Assistant Director – Fabrice Jeandemange
Set Designed by Lucie Libotte @lucielibotte
Artistic Co-Ordination @sidoudainiabeaulieu
Styled by Anna Trevelyan (@annatrevelyan)
Styling assisted by Margherita Alaimo (@margherita_alaimo) & Estelle Rosenthal (@estelle_rosenthal)
Hair by Ilham Mestour (@ilhammestour)
Make up by Naima Bremer (@naimabremer)
Casted by Ikki Casting (@ikki_casting)
Edited by Marc Gurung (@marc_gurung_editor)