Carlota Barrera joins the sport by presenting her Spring/Summer 2022 collection at London Fashion Week in collaboration with New Balance Football.

The collection combines a relaxed atmosphere of 1970s football with the brand’s natural magnetism and timeless elegance. Carlota Barrera introduces new pieces to her collection such as two-color knitted polo shirts, T-shirts with messages inspired by Word Art posters, shirts with spray effect stripes and tailoring, and an outer garment made from technical fabrics. Reinvented, contemporary and timeless tailoring reappears in shades of green, off-white and black with flowy pants with vertical stripes of color throughout the show.

With this collection, Carlota Barrera continues to strengthen the brand’s message, deeply focused on challenging stereotypes and exploring constantly evolving gender identities. The collection tries to get rid of rigid codes and celebrates team play, the creation of communities based on trust and inclusion in every way.