Pink has always been attributed to positive things, and Camper knows this well, which is why it has chosen this color and made it one of the protagonists of the campaign it has recently presented, with permission from the models and the shoes they wear.

Named “Think in Pink”, the campaign stars Guy Michael, Ivana Vladislava, Karl-Ernst Ackermann, and Naun Kim. All of them have been portrayed by the renowned photographer Tom Blesch, who has reflected the brand’s philosophy, individual expression, and sense of community in an exemplary manner.

In the images that make up the selection, as well as the cast members, four of the season’s main models appear, Karst, Kobarah, Junction, and Pelotas Flota. Each of them transforms to embody a unique style, which in order respectively corresponds to the following adjectives: sculptural, bold, cool, and formal but eccentric.

Good philosophy to see everything in pink, don’t you think? Take a look at the images from the Camper Spring/Summer 2023 campaign: