From Munich to Paris, from fashion to sculpture, Gabrielle Greiss has always followed her artistic vision with courage and originality. Now, she invites us to discover her first jewelry collection, inspired by her love for animals and stories.

Gabrielle Greiss’ story is one of constant exploration and transformation. She started her career in London, studying at the prestigious Central Saint Martins, where she developed her distinctive style: delicate but edgy, feminine but androgynous, influenced by the punk movement and the 70s icons. Her talent caught the eye of Marc Ascoli, who brought her to Paris to work with Martine Sitbon, creating clothes for a rare and refined woman.

She then joined Sonia Rykiel, where she injected a new energy and modernity into the brand, becoming the artistic director for five years. She also collaborated with Albert Elbaz, and later consulted for several Italian labels. In 2012, she launched her own line of dresses, expressing her personal vision and sensibility, with a touch of darkness and romance.

She spent eight years at Chloé, leading the creative team for Clare Waight Keller and Natacha Ramsey Levi, and cementing her reputation as one of the most influential designers in the industry.

But Gabrielle Greiss never stopped evolving and learning. She enrolled in the Beaux Arts à Paris, where she studied sculpting and drawing, and found a new way of expressing herself, away from the pressure and the pace of the fashion world. She wanted to create something more intimate and precious, something that reflected her artistic soul.

She found her inspiration in her cat, whose bronze sculpture became the starting point of her jewelry collection. She then explored the world of fables, from La Fontaine to Aesop, and created a series of animal characters, each with a symbolic meaning and a story to tell. Her bronze creations are a stunning allegory of the connection between spirituality and animality, between nature and culture, between art and life.

Gabrielle Greiss’ artistic process is a harmony of observation, collection, and transformation. She turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, using everyday objects and materials to create her unique pieces. She invites us to join her on her journey, to share her vision and her passion.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Gabrielle Greiss’ debut jewelry line, where bronze comes to life and tells a tale. Visit La Galerie de Pierre Marie, where her collection will be on display.

Meanwhile, check out the collection below, photographed by Camille Vivier: