Bottega Veneta unveils its new advertising campaign, which corresponds to the Summer 23 collection, designed by the fashion house’s current creative director: Matthieu Blazy.

The campaign for the SS23 collection is a visual portrait of a journey where craftsmanship in movement and its silent power are the protagonists, traveling around different parts of the world. From the iconic Kate Moss, framed in a landscape designed by Gaetano Pesce for the BV runway show, to Emma Balfour, portrayed near her home on the Australian coast, the personalities of these collaborators are at the heart of the new campaign.

In the images and videos that make up the selection, you can see the introduction of a new bag, namely the “Andiamo” model (available for both sexes). This model is the ultimate expression of the iconic intrecciato technique, crafted by Bottega Veneta‘s expert craftsmen in their atelier in Italy. Its very name, “Andiamo”, means “Let’s go” in Italian and embodies the spirit of this bag that pays tribute to being able to go anywhere and to craftsmanship in motion.

Check out the campaign below: