The Blazy era began as expected, in style, with a debut that (deservedly) made the pages of all the fashion media. It may be “easy” to get to where Mathieu is today, but although it may sound like a cliché, the important thing is not to get there but to know how to stay there. This is the last thing that the French designer knows well about what we are talking about, given that thanks to his mastery and talent he has once again offered us the collection that we have all been waiting for.

A few years ago, and when we say a few years ago we mean before covid, many people used to dress up as if there was no tomorrow every time they went out to dinner or had an event. This kind of behavior, after the pandemic, seems to have relaxed and the vast majority of citizens (even the coolest ones) decided to start opting for a more casual dress without losing a bit of style. Well, this is precisely what M.B. has offered us in his latest proposal for the Italian fashion house he currently directs, Bottega Veneta.

Only he knows how to keep present the essence that led the brand to become one of the most desired brands in the fashion and luxury market. Luxury, which, although a more relaxed line has been presented, has not been lost at any time. The important thing is to feel good about yourself, cool and handsome. Is there anything more luxurious than that? Probably not.

Matthieu was in charge of getting everyone, and when we say everyone we mean literally, to wear the white tank top with jeans that have been (and still are) so popular this year. This type of T-shirt appears as a clear protagonist in the press release sent by the brand, but this time it is not combined with jeans but with blue braided leather trousers. Will the same thing happen with the nappa leather as with the tank top? It looks like it will. This look reflects very well the relaxed but luxurious way of dressing that we mentioned above.

This type of leather is the absolute protagonist of the collection, as it appears in a multitude of pieces, jackets, trousers, shoes, and bags… Who gives more? Blazy! The designer has given his all and among so many neutral tones he has added touches of acid colors like yellow or green, which make the pieces in these colors become a dream.

And what else can you dream of when investing in a piece? The silhouette and the fit. This is something that has mattered and concerned the Frenchman a lot, since he wanted to give it the importance it deserves, especially in the shoulder area of a jacket with striped cold wool buttons.

Highlighting the looks are the unexpectedly shaped bags, such as the helmet-shaped one (inspired by the helmets of Milan’s scooter riders) and the “foulard” model, which looks as if you’re wearing a scarf over your shoulder. Boots, round-toed shoes and sandals do the rest.

Check out the collection below: