It is always good to remember one’s origins or where something came from. You should never forget them, whether for good or bad, because life is a learning process and everything counts, no matter how negative it is. But in this case that is not the case, as it is quite the opposite, something very positive. We are sure that Emily Adams Bode, creative director of the brand that bears her surname BODE, agrees a little with our argument, given that returning to where it all began has helped her a lot in creating and designing her Spring 2023 collection.

Set at 29 Clinton Street (Lower East Side), where the designer founded her brand, Adams has explored this location to the limits of what she wanted to do, successfully capturing the feeling of home in the garments themselves.

For some time now, and more specifically since the whole world experienced COVID-19, most human beings have opted for a more relaxed and, above all, comfortable wardrobe. No more wearing impossible clothes, no matter how beautiful they may be. Now we are in a different time, and what matters is comfort, a concept that is very important in this proposal.

The spring line is full of knitwear, crochet, and pajamas. Is there anything more comfortable than pajamas? Few things, and believe it or not, pajamas can be super cool. Stop imagining the old pajamas you have around the house and dive into the pajama universe that BODE offers and has been offering for a long time. The green velvet set (pajama-like) is designed to be worn with a shirt and tie and the cream-colored set with white cord embroidery and the versions in lavender and white checks on black, which, when combined with other garments, become very versatile pieces.

Knitwear, as we have said, is also an important part of this line, appearing in the form of floral cardigans with latticed edges or open crochet polo shirts. It must be said that many of these garments are inspired by the designer’s vintage archive and reimagined with interesting details, such as comfortable and breathable yarns.

The collection is rounded off with a jumper that reads: “EVERYONE NEEDS SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN RIGHT NOW I BELIEVE I’LL HAVE ANOTHER BEER”, and a selection of equestrian-style items.

Remember that BODE will be returning to Paris to present its next collection. Check out the Spring 2023 collection below: