Staying true to formBobby Abley delivered another upbeat, comical collection for SS18, this time collaborating with Chinese brand I Love Choc, and the household British children’s TV show Teletubbies. Also making a reappearance was the ‘XTINA FOREVER’ slogan top and Bobby’s much loved BDSM bear, swinging from the hands of the models, like fully grown toddlers.

Dipsy’s iconic cow print top hat inspired various cowboy styles such as chap-like trousers and fabric fringing in the tubby colours of purple, lime green, yellow and red. Fringing moved to bum bags, bucket hats and jacket yokes, creating looks perfect for festival ravers. Baggy dungarees, knits and puffer gilets defy the summer season, whilst passport inspired garments with ‘FOREIGN’ slogans mean you can wear it pretty much anywhere, right?!

Other explorations with fabrication included mohair basketball shorts, baby pink and red kiss print, and our favourite double denim patchwork ankle swingers made by his late Grandmother, but jazzed up with Swarovski crystals.


The beauty team added to the nostalgia with gravity-defying Teletubby antennae wigs, whilst the boys had spiky purple mullets with colourful plastic hairstyles. As if Bobby’s models weren’t desirable enough, some had glitter kiss marks on their chests, after all, it wouldn’t be Bobby Abley without a little kink.