BLUR 1.0’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection is designed around the concept of EQUABILITY OF MIND. The moment we feel peaceful and free from worries and problems. We want to be dressed at this moment. With a neat silhouette, soft materials, and warm tone colors, the brand prepared a high-quality collection. Comfort yourself, experience with other people’s hearts with the willingness for a recovery in daily life, and let’s start BLUR’s new season.


Photographer: Kim Kwangseok @keemkwangseok
Creative direction: Jeon Seung hyeok @jeon_seunghyeok
Design & Styling: Hwang Jisoo @zisoong_e & Min Jeongeun @m.miminming
Hair&Makeup: Kang su jeong @kk_sjeong
Model: Art Gurianov @artgurianov and Ana Clara @anafalconii