BLOKE, a genderless artisanal label from Nigeria, is introducing a distinct notion of luxury through a Quirky and Artsy design aesthetic, enveloped with an undertone of spiritual consciousness.

Founded by Faith Oluwajimi in 2015, to create well thought out garments and objects for its performative function and collectible purpose, is now releasing its Spring/Summer 21 collection titled “IS IT EVER ENOUGH?

Brand: BLOKE @bloke_ng
Photographer: Jimi Agboola @jimiiagboola
Creative Director: Faith Oluwajimi @theblokemonk
Casting & Styling Consultant: Taylor Angino @tangino
Stylist Assistant: Hassan Abiodun @amavesstyle
Model Agency: Beth Model @bethmodelafrica
Akinyemi Aderonke @ade._ronke
Abdullahi Ismaila @ismailaibnAbdullahi
Precious Omowunmi @official_wunmigold
Subomi Oloyede @Sv_grey
Cowries Costume: Made in Collaboration with Visage de Couleur