The evening was just so young when we gathered in Madrid to experience Bershka’s latest Spring/Summer 20 collection. Celebrated in Palacio de las Alhajas, the venue was all dolled up with the brand’s aesthetics right from the very beginning: the main room was covered in screens displaying an installation by Jonathan Castro both in the walls and the ceiling, surrounding the viewer with a sensation of dystopia, but also the cyber world, the internet, the graphic as a way of expression, a feeling what matched very well with Bershka’s new trends.

Installation by Jonathan Castro

As the party started, the whole new collection was displayed in the upper room where one could get a view of what will come next. With a very divided set for each of the moods, the brand showcased some news as the real UV technique, innovating with some white textiles that become purple when exposed to the sunlight in their techno style, with neon colours, platform shoes, as well as a denim collection totally up for a laser customizing where one could add drawings and cuts. There is also a collaboration with Mickey Mouse that includes prints in t-shirts and jeans, but also one with “Space Jam”, the iconic 90s movie where Lola Bunny and their Looney Toons gang became basket stars. The purple was also very present in most of the moods, that also included an 80s wink, a very shiny femme collection and some jeans with convertible pockets: bags, fanny packs to be unzipped from the clothes and worn as an accessory and of course bucket hats for all.

Space Jam x Bershka

Having all this fashion around and art oozing from the walls, music was served by a danceable dj set by the rising Sen Senra, a Madrid based artist that shares his sensitivity with amazing beats and also Flaca, the co-founder of Chica Gang. People were both dancing and lying on some sofas to be abstracted in Jonathan Castro’s ceiling installation, creating a chill environment where all took place and was enjoyed by actors, musicians and social media stars such as Lola Índigo, Ana Rujas, Manu Rios, Esty Quesada, Álvaro Mel, Luna Sobrino, the Spanish Skam crew or Jennifer Bucovineanu.

As the night painted the sky in Madrid, the Bershka event set the alarm for an ever close Spring and all the plans that the nice weather will serve to all of us: festivals, nights outs, daytime parks and more occasions to enjoy and express ourselves the way we want to in our denim and tye-dyes and platform sneakers.

UV React by Bershka

Sen Senra

Lola Indigo

Alvaro Mel

Milo Hamid & Esty Quesada

Jesús Lafuente & Gonzalo Ortuño

Alexis Cold


Sergio Pardo

Sandra Delaporte

Roi Porto

Rodrigo Acero

Songa, Itziar Martinez & Felix Carrizo

Marta Sango & Natalia Lacunza

Isabella & Alessandra Ching

Jennifer Bucovineau & Sabrina Lan

Gerard Estadella, Charlie Cole & Alvaro Mel

Flora González & Apolo Contreras


Chacha Huang

Celia Monedero

Ana Rujas

Manu Rios