No more being in the background! Probably, that’s what has been said in the offices of the French fashion house Berluti, belonging to the luxury conglomerate LVMH, since for several seasons they have kept a low profile, as far as launches and novelties are concerned. But as said at the beginning, that’s not going to happen anymore, because the firm is back and also presenting its Spring/Summer 2025 collection.

The line has been shown through a lookbook, composed of 20 images, in which the models are seen wearing the different looks of classic and timeless style, with dark tones and more typical of the Fall/Winter season, and manufactured with rich materials such as leather and suede.

Delving into the closet devised by Berluti, in it you can find a wide selection of relaxed garments, perfect to be worn in any type of occasion and regardless of whether it is day or night, such as jackets with zipper or hood, blazers, linen shirts with embroidery, shirts with arty graphics, shorts, or tailored pants. All of them are reinforced with bags of different styles and sizes that stand out for the impeccable leather with worn effect with which they are made, and with shoes in the shape of moccasins or sandals of the same material as the accessories.

Check out the Berluti Spring/Summer 2025 collection below: